First up, I’d link to start off with an apology. I launched this blog on Monday and was hoping to have my new post up by now – Unfortunately I have been bogged down all week with various projects in my day-to-day job, which hasn’t left me with much spare time outside of work.

However, there are plenty of things that I’m very excited to be posting about over the next couple of weeks, the biggest one being news I only received this morning for a way to book an incredibly cheap business class fare to *nearly* anywhere in the World. I used this method myself last year to book our last trip to Europe, and have used this method again for this years trip, as well as to book a trip for my parents to Asia.

Also, BNZ GlobalPlus have recently changed a major benefit of their Gold card (which takes effect this week) – a card I have recommended to friends and family previously as probably one the best Airpoints card in New Zealand. I am currently working on breaking down each of the Airpoints cards available in NZ and posting my recommendation for the best value card so that you can start racking up Airpoints (and status points for you FT’ers out there) for perhaps that next holiday.

Finally, I just got back from a work trip last week to Gisborne and Whakatane, which also took me to the lovely little town of Ruatoria. I’ll review one of the restaurants and a very nice new motel in Whakatane, as well as my run=in with an unexpected VIP on the way home…

Here’s a lovely little beach I came across just outside of Gisborne on that trip, so I thought that I would share it with you guys..

Makorori Beach, just outside Gisborne

A side note for those of you that haven’t been watching the news over the last day, there is a clip of a National Airlines 747-400 freighter that crashed shortly after takeoff in Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan that is probably one of the more unnerving videos I’ve seen – You might want to skip it if such things make you a little uneasy.
Apparently the initial report is that the cargo was not properly secured at the time of takeoff, causing a weight shift to the rear of the plane and it stalling.

I will have some spare time over the weekend, so am looking to get my next post up soon.

Until then,


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