For those of you that are an Air New Zealand frequent flyer (Airpoints) member, you should have an Airpoints card that is branded OneSmart.

Your OneSmart card should look similar to the one like this.
Your OneSmart card should look similar to the one like this.

The card has a variety of functions – As well as being an Airpoints card, it is also a debit/travel card (that supports PayPass and chip functionalities)airnz_logo that can be loaded with multiple currencies so you can pay without foreign transaction fees when overseas and also help avoid costly ATM withdrawal fees. Finally it can also be linked with FlyBuys to earn Air NZ Airpoints dollars when you shop with FlyBuys partners in NZ.

Air New Zealand is currently offering a promotion of $50 free Airpoints dollars just by spending $300 NZD on/using your OneSmart card by 28 February 2015.

Considering that the highest earning Airpoints credit card earns 1 APD for every $70 spent, you would have to effectively spend $3,500 to earn the same 50 APD though this promotion, so it’s a pretty good offer.

In order to take advantage of this promotion, you need to sign up/register for it on the OneSmart site – You will not be eligible for the bonus 50 APD otherwise.
If you haven’t used your OneSmart card before, you may also need to register/activate your card.

The link is here:

apd_logoWith Christmas coming up, this is possibly a good opportunity to put some of your Christmas shopping on your card and earn yourself a nice little bonus, or perhaps a nice little holiday while you’re at it! 🙂
Also remember, if you have family and/or other Airpoints members you trust, you can also ‘pool’ your Airpoints accounts using shairpoints to get to that reward even faster.
For example, Miss. Kiwi Globetrotter and I can both earn 50 APD each through this promotion, and can pool them together using shairpoints to perhaps buy some flights, such as a a return flight to Auckland (frequently $49 each way, or even $39 on grabaseat). Nice!

Keep in mind that you are charged a $1 a month transaction fee (as long as there is money on your account) as per the terms and conditions of the card, which is charged on the anniversary of the date you activated it. In other words, if you take longer than a month to spend all your money, you will be charged $1 each month until you run out of funds on the card.
I would suggest loading $301 into your card just in case you take longer than a month to spend $300 on purchases.

Loading money onto your card is easy, and you can follow these instructions or the prompts once you have logged into the OneSmart website.

Once you have loaded funds onto your card, you can track your spend via. the OneSmart app downloadable on the App Store or Google Play stores, and for those of you worried about not being able to spend all the money you have loaded on the card, the easiest way I’ve found to use up the last little bit of money is via. the Countdown self-serve kiosks – Just select part payment on the kiosk, and enter the amount you’d like to pay via. credit card. Easy. You can then pay for the remainder of your transaction using another card or other payment methods.

For those interested in finding out more about OneSmart, check out the YouTube video:

Happy shopping all, and Merry Christmas everyone! 🙂



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