Feeling like you need a holiday lately (especially after feeling some of these recent cold snaps) but not too sure where to go? …Perhaps some bargain motivation might help? 😉

Tomorrow, as part of Air New Zealand’s new ‘where to next‘ advertising campaigns, ‘Dawn Deals’ will start – It will run each Friday for the next four Fridays (14/08, 21/08, 28/08 and 04/09).


What’s it all about?

Pretty much, AirNZ are running a deal on discounted destinations on their network at various times throughout the day. Where grabaseat typically are sold on a ‘first in, first served basis’ (whenever the deal goes live) – These deals will pretty much be sold the same way, the only difference is that the deal will go live when the sun is coming up on the selected destination.

On the plus side, there will be a countdown available showing the destinations that will be coming up for sale from 7pm the night before (Thursday), so it is possible to tell which destinations are coming up for sale and when (travel dates and times will not be available until deals go live, however).

For example, the destinations on sale tomorrow include:

  • Vanuatu, Cook Islands
  • Noumea, New Caledonia
  • Christchurch, New Zealand
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Shanghai, China
  • Hong Kong, China

What kinds of deals can we expect?

Depending on the location, the deals I think that should be expected will probably be slightly better or on par with some of the deals we have seen on Grabaseat. I would be expecting deals to Australia at about $99 one way, possibly about $250-300 return. For the pacific islands, I would guess sale fares would be about $150 one way, and probably about $350-$400 return. Some of the more long-haul destinations I would expect to be about $400-$450 one way, and perhaps $800-$900 return. Of course, more will be revealed tomorrow (these are just my calculated guesses – So don’t take them at gospel)

The destinations that will be releasing over the next 4 weeks will likely be destinations flown direct by AirNZ, so we will potentially see destinations like Singapore, Hawaii, Buenos Aires, Los Angeles, Bali, Vancouver, Tahiti, Houston and possibly London.

Check out the special ‘Where to Next?‘ site for more information, and if you don’t find anything special that catches your eye, at least you’ll be able to watch a live stream of the sunrise 🙂

On another note, AirNZ released their new safety video today, entitled ‘Men in Black’, celebrating the All Blacks – Official Site in their bid to retain the Rugby World Cup this year.

A massive sponsor and partner of the All Blacks, it was almost a given that there would be a new safety video supporting our boys leading up to the major sporting event, after the successful #CrazyAboutRugby one 4 years ago (non-official AirNZ Youtube video as they appear to have removed it).

Check it out here:

Happy travels all!



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