Edit: US Airways have since merged with American Airlines and consequently decided to (eventually) adopt American Airlines’ branding and loyalty system in future. This has resulted in their exit of the Star Alliance and the new American Airlines continuing their relationship with OneWorld. I will be looking to create a new step-by-step tutorial at some point in the near future – In the meantime, please feel free to contact me or leave a comment if you have any questions!

So you’ve heard all about the way to book a cheap business class airfare to almost anywhere in the World by purchasing a Star Alliance Award ticket, possibly by reading my overview post earlier this week here.

You might had a bit of a think, perhaps done some initial planning, and have decided that this is something that you want to give a go. This post is to help guide you step-by-step on how to go about doing it.

Create a Dividend Miles membership
First off, you need to sign up for and create your US Airways Dividend Miles membership. It is free to sign up, just go to the US Airways website and click on the “Join Dividend Miles” link.

To join US Airways Dividend Miles, click on the highlighted link.
To join US Airways Dividend Miles, click on the highlighted link.

Signing up will require you to fill in various personal information, including your address, phone numbers, and details to create a login and password. The next steps will be to fill in various items of interest you may want to subscribe to, before verifying your information and submitting it to create your new account. Shortly afterwards, you will receive an E-Mail to the E-Mail address you used to sign up for your new account, which will have your Dividend Miles membership number and a virtual ‘membership card’. Take a note of your membership number – This will be useful later down the line when you need to purchase miles, and access your profile.

Important Note: If you are looking to take advantage of the current US Airways Dividend Miles 100% Bonus Promotion (expires 31 May 2013) then you need to set an account up now. The terms and conditions of the promotion state that accounts must be open for a minimum of 12 days before any miles can be bought or gifted, however there have been reports of people purchasing them straightaway – As sign up is free, it does not hurt to set up the account now and it will be ready in under 2 weeks (plenty of time for you to do some thorough research and find a good itinerary ready to book!)