Feeling like you need a holiday lately (especially after feeling some of these recent cold snaps) but not too sure where to go? …Perhaps some bargain motivation might help? 😉

Tomorrow, as part of Air New Zealand’s new ‘where to next‘ advertising campaigns, ‘Dawn Deals’ will start – It will run each Friday for the next four Fridays (14/08, 21/08, 28/08 and 04/09).


Just a quick post today, but it was only 6 years ago that Qantas subsidiary Jetstar entered the skies here in New Zealand with cheap no-frills fares. Even though people do like to complain about them, any competition is always good competition and in the majority of instances, you do get a cheap fare to get from A to B.

Jetstar_logoTo celebrate Jetstar’s 6th Birthday, they are offering ‘Take a friend for free’/’2 for 1’ fares between various locations domestically in NZ (both ways) and to Australia (one way and direct flights only).

The sale is only for the next 48 hours (finishes 23:59 on Wednesday 10 June 2015) so get in quick!

As usually is the case with Jetstar, remember checked baggage is not included as part of the sale (these are starter fares) and is an additional ‘add on’ for a fee. There are also booking fees unless paying by direct deposit / POLi, or voucher for bookings through jetstar.com.
For all other bookings, a Booking and Service Fee of $5 per passenger per domestic flight and $8 – $12.50 per passenger per international flight applies.


Do you live in the UK and ever dreamt of visiting New Zealand? …or perhaps you’re a New Zealander and want to visit friends and family? Well – here’s your chance!

For 100 lucky travellers, Air New Zealand and STA Travel are offering return flights for £75 pounds from London to Auckland as part of a special one-off deal it is running as part of its 75th anniversary celebrations.


The 100 ‘flying Kiwi’ tickets will go on sale at the STA travel in London Victoria, as well as over the phone and on social media.

  • 50 tickets are available in store at STA Travel Victoria at 9am on 16 April
  • 40 tickets will be sold over the phone from 10am on 16 April – Call on 0333 321 3085
  • 3 tickets will be given away in a raffle at STA Travel London Victoria, drawn at 9am on 16 April – You can enter the raffle from 9am, 16 April
  • 2 tickets will be given away on STA Travel’s Facebook and Twitter pages (competition closed)
  • 5 tickets will be given away by Air New Zealand UK’s Facebook page (competition closed)

This is a great promotion and an amazing opportunity to get an incredible fare at a frankly ridiculous price. Air New Zealand have said that there are no plans to run the promotion in other countries but there will be more good things to come as part of its 75th anniversary celebrations – Keep your eyes peeled!

Even better, the promotion and fares allow for stopovers in Los Angeles in both directions (routing is only LHR-LAX-AKL both ways) – So you can even get a chance to visit the States for effectively free!


See the STA Travel promotion page here for more info.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Each passenger must either book in person at the STA Victoria store, or by calling 0333 321 3085
  • For booking in store, you may not hold spots for others in the line or queue jump; you will be removed from the queue and become ineligible to purchase tickets if found to be queue jumping or assisting in queue jumping
  • For booking over the phone, a maximum of two tickets may be booked and both passengers must be available to provide their details to the sales consultant
  • Flights are in Economy Class and routing is only valid for LHR-LAX-AKL return; any connecting flights or feeder flights must be purchased separately
  • Free stopovers in Los Angeles are allowed in both directions
  • Outbound travel must be during 16 – 27 May 2015 and return during 26 May – 09 June 2015; a very limited number of seats for return travel are also available in October 2015
  • Some travel dates may not be available and some may sell out during the promotion
  • Flights must be booked and paid for on the day of the sale; bookings are not confirmed until payment has been accepted
  • Tickets are non-refundable and non-changeable; tickets are valid only for flights shown
  • Flights are not eligible for earning Airpoints Dollars or any other frequent flyer points or miles
  • Multiflex passes are not eligible with this promotion
  • STA’s £49 deposit scheme is not available with this promotion
  • Tickets are available only on the day of the promotion, 16 April 2015, until sold out
  • Unless specified above, standard Air New Zealand terms and conditions apply
  • Not to be used in conjunction with any other Air New Zealand offer

Good luck and happy travels everyone!

/ Jeremy

On Thursday, the news was awash with Air New Zealand and BNZ’s major anouncement to changes with BNZ’s GlobalPlus credit card products, with BNZ opting for the card to change to a ‘cashback’ rewards scheme instead of an Airpoints/Status points earning system from 1 May 2015.

BNZ's GlobalPlus credit card and home loan products are no more - At least as we know it, from 1 May 2015.
BNZ’s GlobalPlus credit card and home loan products are no more – At least as we know it, from 1 May 2015.

BNZ have been a key Airpoints credit card supplier for 16 years, with the GlobalPlus brand and card being launched in 1998. There are a huge number of customers that have GlobalPlus credit cards, and although the earn rates have not been as competitive as some of the newer Airpoints credit cards on the market, I believe the brand has made the term ‘GlobalPlus’ synonymous with Airpoints here in New Zealand.

As these changes are quite major, I thought that I would detail the key points of the changes as well as perform a new review and analysis of the Airpoints credit cards on the NZ market, similar to the review I did in 2013 when Kiwibank launched their new Airpoints credit cards. Hopefully this will help some of those people wondering what to do with their cards, especially those that are in the changing GlobalPlus ‘boat’.

Just a quick post this morning, but looks like there is $15 domestic flights being released periodically throughout the day on grabaseat.

Grabaseat_LogoHad a look at some of the initial batch released this morning and although there is a massive number of destinations going on sale, the number of seats for each destination and dates are limited; but keep an eye out, you might be able to grab a suitable bargain!

Keep in mind you might be able to ‘change’ some of the limited flight times using flexitime as I have posted about previously.

For those of you that are an Air New Zealand frequent flyer (Airpoints) member, you should have an Airpoints card that is branded OneSmart.

Your OneSmart card should look similar to the one like this.
Your OneSmart card should look similar to the one like this.

The card has a variety of functions – As well as being an Airpoints card, it is also a debit/travel card (that supports PayPass and chip functionalities)airnz_logo that can be loaded with multiple currencies so you can pay without foreign transaction fees when overseas and also help avoid costly ATM withdrawal fees. Finally it can also be linked with FlyBuys to earn Air NZ Airpoints dollars when you shop with FlyBuys partners in NZ.

Air New Zealand is currently offering a promotion of $50 free Airpoints dollars just by spending $300 NZD on/using your OneSmart card by 28 February 2015.

Ever wanted to go to Japan? It is quite an incredible place – Full of culture, good food, modern technology and no shortage of things to see and do, there is something for every traveller.

Jetstar_logoI have had the opportunity to travel to Japan (Tokyo) twice for short stays en-route to Europe or back with Miss. Kiwi Globetrotter, and it definitely is one of the more unique destinations that we have visited – The first time we visited, there was so much to see, and we did so much walking, our feet were sore for days afterwards!

I thoroughly recommend it as a destination that everyone should visit at some point, given the opportunity.

Well, Jetstar are currently running their ‘2 for 1’ sale to Japan (Tokyo), with incredible fares to the ‘Land of the rising Sun‘ for two people for select dates in 2015.

The title says it all, really.

As I posted at the end of last week, Singapore Airlines and Air New Zealand have had their strategic alliance recently approved, and although I guessed that there would be a promotion to introduce the new route and special fares to boot, I didn’t guess that it would be Singapore Airlines making the first punch.


This morning I received an E-Mail from Singapore Airlines promoting their new A380 route between Auckland an Singapore, which commences from 28th October 2014.

To celebrate, SIA are offering an incredible fare for flights in November, which as I gather are $380 one way, and $770 return. Seats are extremely limited and there are only a few seats available per departure, so get in quick.

More details:

  • Promotion dates are only between 01 – 20 November 2014, so this is a very short travel window.
  • You need to have returned back to New Zealand on or by the 27th November 2014.
  • One way or Return fares are from Auckland only.
  • The fares includes all pre-payable taxes and surcharges.

Singapore Airlines are not typically an airline that does heavily discounted promotions, much less on their premium aircraft (like the A380) – Which is why this promotion surprised me; I will stress that I’ve never seen fares this cheap flying SIA, ever.

In other words, for those already planning a trip to South East Asia in November, (or for those needing a cheap exotic holiday) this is the perfect opportunity to visit a great country (or gateway to SE Asia) at a great price.

I have had a look with Singapore Airlines direct to try and find these flights and although some discounted fares are coming up, they are not coming up at the advertised price. A good travel agent (that are Auckland based) but correspond well by E-Mail/Phone are TravelCafe, and they are promoting/offering these fares.
Otherwise (and I don’t often say this) it may be best to check with your travel agent more more info – In any case, if you want to take advantage of these fares, it is best to get in quick, as they will sell out fast.

Good luck & happy travels all!


Update (18/07, 10am): Those who have tried logging into the grabaseat website this morning for their 8th Birthday sale fares would have met blank pages and incredibly slow loading.. it appears that the grabaseat team weren’t quite prepared for the popularity that hit the website this morning.
The site is currently down now and visits to grabaseat.co.nz are being redirected to Air New Zealand’s main website – I wouldn’t be surprised if when the site is back up and running again later today that they decide to release more fares as an apology.
In other words: Stay tuned! – Check out grabaseat on Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates.

Update (18/07, 12:35pm): grabaseat have announced that the remaining $8 fares will be being released throughout the day, and they apologise for the outage. Based off what has been released so far, fare dates appear to be very limited (6-12 seats per route) and a lot of the seats seem to be mid-week fares, in the first 2 weeks of August – Not so great for office workers like myself, but take advantage of these cheap seats if you can!

So Jetstar‘s running a sale right now, covering both domestic and Trans-Tasman routes, as part of their “Aussie Adventure Sale”.

There’s also some pretty good fares to Australia (travel dates vary between Aug-Sep, Oct-Dec, and Feb-Mar 2015) for between $99-129 (one way, excludes booking fees) between:

  • Christchurch to Melbourne ($99)
  • Christchurch to Sydney ($99)
  • Auckland to Melbourne ($99)
  • Auckland to Gold Coast ($109)
  • Auckland to Sydney ($109)

Note that these are one way fares, so the return fare is quite a bit more to get back home. There are fares available from $209 from Melbourne and $215 from Sydney for the return journey back to New Zealand, so $309-$324 for a return trip isn’t too bad.

Unfortunately for those of us that are Wellington-based, this isn’t particularly exciting news (but read on, it gets more exciting…)

As an avid traveller, I do keep an eye on various deals and travel promotions, and occasionally one catches my eye that makes me think “wow.. that ain’t bad”. This is one of those moments.
I’ve had a few E-mails come through today about a sale that Virgin Australia are doing for flights from about $799-$849 return to the States.

If you’ve ever been thinking about visiting the US at some point soon, then now is a good time to book if you want the cheapest flight there.

  • Departure dates are between: 14th Oct – 19th Nov 2014, 19th Jan – 31st March 2015
  • You are allowed to stay away: Up to 1 year
  • Baggage allowance: 2x 23kg bags (per person)
  • Fares are on Sale until: 9pm, 2nd July 2014 (or until they last)

Seats on this deal are not available every day, with Fridays and weekends having very limited availability. Midweek days offer the best availability for the cheapest seats.