Just a quick post today, but it was only 6 years ago that Qantas subsidiary Jetstar entered the skies here in New Zealand with cheap no-frills fares. Even though people do like to complain about them, any competition is always good competition and in the majority of instances, you do get a cheap fare to get from A to B.

Jetstar_logoTo celebrate Jetstar’s 6th Birthday, they are offering ‘Take a friend for free’/’2 for 1’ fares between various locations domestically in NZ (both ways) and to Australia (one way and direct flights only).

The sale is only for the next 48 hours (finishes 23:59 on Wednesday 10 June 2015) so get in quick!

As usually is the case with Jetstar, remember checked baggage is not included as part of the sale (these are starter fares) and is an additional ‘add on’ for a fee. There are also booking fees unless paying by direct deposit / POLi, or voucher for bookings through jetstar.com.
For all other bookings, a Booking and Service Fee of $5 per passenger per domestic flight and $8 – $12.50 per passenger per international flight applies.


Ever wanted to go to Japan? It is quite an incredible place – Full of culture, good food, modern technology and no shortage of things to see and do, there is something for every traveller.

Jetstar_logoI have had the opportunity to travel to Japan (Tokyo) twice for short stays en-route to Europe or back with Miss. Kiwi Globetrotter, and it definitely is one of the more unique destinations that we have visited – The first time we visited, there was so much to see, and we did so much walking, our feet were sore for days afterwards!

I thoroughly recommend it as a destination that everyone should visit at some point, given the opportunity.

Well, Jetstar are currently running their ‘2 for 1’ sale to Japan (Tokyo), with incredible fares to the ‘Land of the rising Sun‘ for two people for select dates in 2015.

Change is in the air for domestic travel in NZ – Yesterday afternoon Air New Zealand announced that they would be cutting some of their regional routes in April 2015 which have typically been serviced by their smaller 19-seat Beech 1900D aircraft, as they have been losing money on these routes for some time. airnz_logoIn addition, the Hamilton-Auckland route would also be suspended from February 2016.
Also Jetstar announced changes at the end of last month to their carry-on baggage allowance, reducing the weight limit from 10kg to 7kg, which will be in line with Air New Zealand, and most other major airlines.

Air NZ’s regional changes come on the back of a review of its regional aircraft operations, particularly around their 19-seat fleet of aircraft; whereas regional centres served by their 50 and 68-seat aircraft are able to enjoy improved economies of scale.
According to the report, Air NZ has been losing about $1M per month for the last two years, causing them to make some changes.
By August 2016, all of Air NZ’s (owned by their Eagle Air subsidiary) 19-seat Beech 1900D aircraft will be replaced with either 50 or 68-seat aircraft, allowing for greater capacity and fare reductions. Air NZ have already announced intentions to buy/deliveries of another 6 ATR72-600 aircraft over the next 3 years.

Update (18/07, 10am): Those who have tried logging into the grabaseat website this morning for their 8th Birthday sale fares would have met blank pages and incredibly slow loading.. it appears that the grabaseat team weren’t quite prepared for the popularity that hit the website this morning.
The site is currently down now and visits to grabaseat.co.nz are being redirected to Air New Zealand’s main website – I wouldn’t be surprised if when the site is back up and running again later today that they decide to release more fares as an apology.
In other words: Stay tuned! – Check out grabaseat on Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates.

Update (18/07, 12:35pm): grabaseat have announced that the remaining $8 fares will be being released throughout the day, and they apologise for the outage. Based off what has been released so far, fare dates appear to be very limited (6-12 seats per route) and a lot of the seats seem to be mid-week fares, in the first 2 weeks of August – Not so great for office workers like myself, but take advantage of these cheap seats if you can!

So Jetstar‘s running a sale right now, covering both domestic and Trans-Tasman routes, as part of their “Aussie Adventure Sale”.

There’s also some pretty good fares to Australia (travel dates vary between Aug-Sep, Oct-Dec, and Feb-Mar 2015) for between $99-129 (one way, excludes booking fees) between:

  • Christchurch to Melbourne ($99)
  • Christchurch to Sydney ($99)
  • Auckland to Melbourne ($99)
  • Auckland to Gold Coast ($109)
  • Auckland to Sydney ($109)

Note that these are one way fares, so the return fare is quite a bit more to get back home. There are fares available from $209 from Melbourne and $215 from Sydney for the return journey back to New Zealand, so $309-$324 for a return trip isn’t too bad.

Unfortunately for those of us that are Wellington-based, this isn’t particularly exciting news (but read on, it gets more exciting…)

Jetstar_logoSo this morning as I was flicking through the Dominion Post, I came across this full-page advertisement that Jetstar had taken out advertising that they are New Zealand’s most punctual domestic airline (during 2013), according to NZSX and ACARS.


I’m not going to speculate much on this claim, but based off their on-time performance statistics on their website, it seems that 88% of their flights left “on time” (within 15 minutes of their scheduled departure time) in 2013.
I haven’t had a chance to check out AirNZ’s performance statistics this mooring, but it would be interesting to make a comparison – I will update this post with my findings when I find this out.

To celebrate, Jetstar are offering free flights every 30 seconds on their website, between 12-1pm today to the “most punctual people”. I originally wasn’t going to post about this, as I thought they were just going to be giving away something like 120 one-way flights, but after reading the fine print, it appears that Jetstar are offering something a little more substantial than that with each winner being given a $200NZD flight voucher.

After going to the Jetstar "On-Time Challenge" Promo website, click on "Register Now" to get ready for when the promotion starts at 12pm sharp today.
After going to the Jetstar “On-Time Challenge” Promo website, click on “Register Now” to get ready for when the promotion starts at 12pm sharp today.

Register online here and be quick at midday today to win! Good luck!


So this one is for those that are based in Auckland and are thinking of travelling to Melbourne sometime soon (or those travellers that don’t mind/need to fly via. Auckland to get there! –I’ve been this way once, for a cheap enough flight) 🙂
As I posted near the end of last year, Jetstar have received one of their new Boeing 787 Dreamliners and it will be flying on their Auckland-Melbourne route from February 26th for one month.

Jetstar do not usually offer a Business class service on this route, as their standard Airbus A320 aircraft are only configured in economy – However, if you book a seat on this route which is serviced by their new aircraft, they do have a Business Class configuration over this time.
All you need to do is pay the $30 add-on “extra leg room/seat select” fee, and you will be able to book yourself into a business class seat, which is a recliner-style (as opposed to lie-flat) offering.
Unfortunately it does not come with business class meals or luggage allowance, so it is purely for an extra bit of comfort (or perhaps, bragging rights). As the flight to Melbourne is about 4 hours however, the cost to benefit for these seats isn’t bad.

The promotional deal is only an option on Monday, Wednesday or Friday flights (both ways), and as Jetstar are currently having a sale at present, it means that it’s possible to score a return trip in ‘Business’ for only just over $400 NZD + booking fees.