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Update (6:45am): Looks like there is going to be some sort of sale or promotion today, as flights are sporadically turning up with the ‘sale’ moniker on the Air NZ website when searching this morning – Interestingly not when searching AKL-SIN, but when searching WLG-SIN or from another regional NZ airport.
I was able to find $432 one-way fares from WLG-SIN this morning for early Feb, and sale fares from other domestic airports available in January too. At a guess, this could mean a similar sale to Singapore Airlines last month, at about $380 one way/$770 return, however as yet I haven’t been able to find any sale fares from SIN-AKL or anywhere else as yet (maybe they haven’t turned them on yet?) – In any case, looks like a sale could be imminent!

Update (7:30am): Looks like I found some return sale fares as well, but in March from Wellington. For those in the capital, the cheapest return fare with a domestic connection to Auckland appeared to be $432 (WLG-AKL-SIN) and $452 (SIN-AKL-WLG) which is $884 incl. taxes, but excludes the card fee for booking online – Not a bad price at all! Unfortunately this is for a February departure and March return, but better dates may open up when the promotion is finally announced.
Looking at the flights a bit more closely, I just noticed that the long-haul flights are operated by Singapore Airlines, and the Air NZ owned and operated flights have not gone live yet. This suggests that perhaps there may be even better deals to come, as Air NZ will have more flexibility to dictate prices with their own flights – It also explains why the sale fares live already are similar is price to the promo run by SIA last month. Hopefully we’ll see an Air NZ announcement soon!

Update (9:10am): Looks like sale fares just went live on the Air NZ website, with the same sale prices as I mentioned this morning. Sale dates are 15 Jan – 18 Feb & 1-27 Mar 2015. The sweet spot is that there does not appear to be any difference between flying AKL-SIN and WLG-SIN (at this stage), which is good for those in the capital, even though the advertised price is AKL-SIN return only. Fares available appear to be both AirNZ and SIA operated flights. Advertised sale fare is $888 (8 in Chinese culture is a lucky number), which is pretty good, especially for anyone keen to fly on SIA’s A380 Superjumbo aircraft. Happy travels all!


From tomorrow (25 September 2014), Air New Zealand will finally be selling seats on their direct flights to Singapore operating from Auckland and Christchurch as part of their Singapore Airlines Alliance.


Flights and travel will begin from 6 January 2015, and Air NZ will be operating daily flights from Auckland on one of their refitted Boeing 777-200ER aircraft. Singapore Airlines will be operating flights from Christchurch as well as Auckland, with Christchurch flights also on their recently refitted Boeing 777-200ER aircraft. SIA will also operating an Airbus A380 from Auckland, the second airline to do so besides Emirates.


The title says it all, really.

As I posted at the end of last week, Singapore Airlines and Air New Zealand have had their strategic alliance recently approved, and although I guessed that there would be a promotion to introduce the new route and special fares to boot, I didn’t guess that it would be Singapore Airlines making the first punch.


This morning I received an E-Mail from Singapore Airlines promoting their new A380 route between Auckland an Singapore, which commences from 28th October 2014.

To celebrate, SIA are offering an incredible fare for flights in November, which as I gather are $380 one way, and $770 return. Seats are extremely limited and there are only a few seats available per departure, so get in quick.

More details:

  • Promotion dates are only between 01 – 20 November 2014, so this is a very short travel window.
  • You need to have returned back to New Zealand on or by the 27th November 2014.
  • One way or Return fares are from Auckland only.
  • The fares includes all pre-payable taxes and surcharges.

Singapore Airlines are not typically an airline that does heavily discounted promotions, much less on their premium aircraft (like the A380) – Which is why this promotion surprised me; I will stress that I’ve never seen fares this cheap flying SIA, ever.

In other words, for those already planning a trip to South East Asia in November, (or for those needing a cheap exotic holiday) this is the perfect opportunity to visit a great country (or gateway to SE Asia) at a great price.

I have had a look with Singapore Airlines direct to try and find these flights and although some discounted fares are coming up, they are not coming up at the advertised price. A good travel agent (that are Auckland based) but correspond well by E-Mail/Phone are TravelCafe, and they are promoting/offering these fares.
Otherwise (and I don’t often say this) it may be best to check with your travel agent more more info – In any case, if you want to take advantage of these fares, it is best to get in quick, as they will sell out fast.

Good luck & happy travels all!


As previously announced at beginning of this year, Air New Zealand and Singapore Airlines announced a strategic alliance for flights between New Zealand and South-East Asia, with the possibility of flights on the new routes beginning from the end of this year.


As of yesterday, the NZ Ministry of Transport announced that they had granted approval of this alliance between the two airlines, giving all the regulatory approval required for them to proceed further with the operational details.
The equivalent Ministry of Transport and Competition Commission in Singapore had already approved the alliance back in mid-April, so it has taken almost another four months for the New Zealand counterpart to reach a decision.

Yesterday afternoon, I was quite excited to hear about a new agreement that Air New Zealand (NZ) and Singapore Airlines (SQ) have signed which will allow Air New Zealand to fly to Singapore for the first time in over half a decade, pending regulatory approval.

2411-2401 Air NZ Wordmark FINAL

Air New Zealand used to fly direct to Singapore from Auckland, but stopped flying on this route in 2006 due to a struggle to make money on it – Making Singapore Airlines the only sole Star Alliance carrier since then. Now, potentially by the end of this year this may be all set to change, with Air New Zealand looking to operate a daily service using its 777-200ER aircraft, which will be retrofitted and refurbished.

As part of the announced changes, Singapore Airlines will be the second carrier to bring the A380 to New Zealand, with the first carrier being Emirates, who already operate the super jumbo on their Dubai-Sydney-Auckland, Dubai-Melbourne-Auckland and Dubai-Brisbane-Auckland routes.