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A few months ago, Air New Zealand made some changes around their domestic fare products, effectively introducing a domestic version of ‘Seats to Suit(where you are able to add on upgrades to your basic seat, as you require). The changes had quite a large campaign program to promote it, including ads on TV, YouTube, online and on billboards – You would have likely have seen some form of advertising at some point about it:


Air NZ state that the changes were made to provide flexibility, affordability and choice, which they do provide. In fact the seat and seat+bag options are still the same as the previous ‘grabaseat’ and ‘grabaseat+bag’ products, the main changes are to what was the ‘super saver’ and ‘flexi’ fares, which have been replaced with flexitime and flexiplus fare options.

For those who have never heard of Uber: It’s a relatively new, cashless taxi service, powered using the Uber app downloadable for iPhone, Android and Windows phones.
Although I can’t say I have used it overseas, I would say it could quite possibly be a good way of getting from A to B, particularly overseas where prices can vary and language barriers may be a problem. Regardless of whether you’re using it locally or while holidaying, Uber helps to bring some certainty for taxi fares.

Uber has been available in many countries all over the World (approx. 42 countries at last count) for some time, uber_logobut their expansion into New Zealand is only recent – Firstly with Auckland in May, and now here in Wellington, currently on a ‘test’ basis as of last week, where they helped some of our All Blacks, Conrad Smith and Cory Jane, hitch a lift to their gym sesh.

While Uber is in the testing phase, they are encouraging users (and potential passengers) free rides within the ‘Metro area’ (up to 2 a week) until Sunday 21st September.

wordlens_logoOn Friday, Quest Visual, the makers behind the excellent travel app ‘Word Lens’ was acquired by search giant Google, for the purposes of

incorporating [the] technology into Google Translate’s broad language coverage and translation capabilities in the future.

For those that haven’t heard of Word Lens, it is an award winning app that uses the built in camera on smartphones and mobile devices to quickly scan and identify foreign text, translating it in near real-time, overlaying the translation on top of the foreign text on your devices’ display.